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TAniIndicatorRepresents an animated spinning indicator used for illustrating an indefinite waiting time for application processes.
TAniIndicatorStyleHelperFor internal use. TAniIndicatorStyleHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.StdCtrls.TAniIndicatorStyle type.
TArcDialRepresents a general-purpose knob-style rotating button.
TBitmapTrackBarRepresents a track bar similar to that implemented by TTrackBar.
TButtonRepresents a push button that contains a text caption.
TCalloutPanelA container for extra information relevant to another item, with a visual indicator pointing to that item.
TCheckBoxRepresents a FireMonkey styled check box that can be either on (selected) or off (cleared).
TCornerButtonRepresents a button with customizable corners.
TCustomButtonRepresents the base class for all buttons.
TCustomCornerButtonRepresents a TCustomButton control and, additionally, provides the tools to customize shapes of TCustomCornerButton control's corners.
TCustomTrackBase class for all track bar components.
TExpanderRepresents a graphical control used to hold multiple graphical controls with the possibility to expand or contract its display area.
TExpanderButtonRepresents a collapse/expand button used exclusively by the TExpander component.
TGroupBoxRepresents a graphical control used to arrange multiple related graphical controls on the surface of a form.
TImageControlRepresents a graphical control used to display images on a FireMonkey form.
TLabelRepresents a graphical control used to display text in FireMonkey forms.
TMouseDownActionHelperFor internal use. TMouseDownActionHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.StdCtrls.TMouseDownAction type.
TPanelRepresents a generic general-purpose panel used to hold multiple controls for organizing purposes.
TPathLabelRepresents a graphical control used to display information contained in TPathData within FireMonkey forms.
TProgressBarRepresents an animated progress bar indicator for general progress indication.
TRadioButtonRepresents a radio (option) button.
TRadioButtonGroupMessageMessage sent when a radio button inside a radio group is checked.
TScrollBarRepresents a standard scroll bar that is used to scroll the contents of a window, form, or a control.
TSizeGripRepresents a graphical control used to dynamically resize FireMonkey forms.
TSmallScrollBarRepresents a variation of a standard scroll bar.
TSpeedButtonRepresents a push button that contains a text caption, for usage in various tool bars that you might employ into your applications.
TSpeedButtonGroupMessageMessage sent when a speed button inside a group is pressed.
TSplitterTSplitter divides the client area of a FireMonkey form into resizable panes.
TStatusBarRepresents a status bar component for use in FireMonkey forms.
TSwitchRepresents a two-way on-off switch for use in applications.
TThumbRepresents a thumb control for use with track bars.
TToolBarRepresents a tool bar component for use in FireMonkey forms.
TTrackIs a TCustomTrack with a set of published properties.
TTrackBarRepresents a general-purpose track bar for use in applications where tracking is required.


TAniIndicatorStyleEnumeration of animated indicator styles.
TMouseDownActionSpecifies how the slider moves along the track bar.