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Object Pascal

TFixedMultiResBitmap = class(TCustomMultiResBitmap)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFixedMultiResBitmap : public TCustomMultiResBitmap


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.MultiResBitmap FMX.MultiResBitmap


A TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap represents a collection of TFixedBitmapItem bitmap items having the same image but with different scales.

TFixedMultiResBitmap's Add and Insert methods ensure that the bitmap items added to the TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap have the TFixedBitmapItem type.

TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmaps can be shown in the Object Inspector and in the Structure View, and multi-resolution bitmaps can be edited in the MultiResBitmap Editor.

TFixedMultiResBitmap supports mandatory scales registered in the mandatory named scales ScaleList list. Creating a new TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap, Create retrieves the ScaleList of mandatory named scales registered by RegisterScaleName. Create creates TFixedBitmapItem bitmap items corresponding to all scales registered in the ScaleList of mandatory named scales. Create sets to True the Fixed property for these creates bitmap items.

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