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Object Pascal

property DefaultTextSettings: TTextSettings read GetDefaultTextSettings;


__property TTextSettings* DefaultTextSettings = {read=GetDefaultTextSettings};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Graphics ITextSettings


Stores a TTextSettings type object keeping the default values of text representation properties.

For styled controls, DefaultTextSettings is set during the style loading in the FMX.Controls.TStyledControl.ApplyStyle method.

For primitive controls (not having styles), DefaultTextSettings should keep the initial values of the text settings (text representation properties).

In case of a styled control, whether DefaultTextSettings is the same as TextSettings depends upon the particular realization of a control's class.

Notice that for the FMX.Objects.TText class, the DefaultTextSettings property stores values of text settings that the TextSettings property had when the component was created or the form was loaded.

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