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Defines FireMonkey controls for single-line text and number editors.


TClearEditButtonButton used for clearing text in a TEdit control.
TClearingEditEdit box equipped with a text clearing button.
TComboEditAn edit box with a list of predefined choices.
TComboEditBaseAbstract class that is the base class for the TComboEdit component.
TComboEditListBoxImplements the list box used by TComboEdit components.
TComboTrackBarTComboTrackBar is a special combo box equipped with a track bar.
TContentEditTContentEdit is a specialized TContent for edit controls.
TCustomEditTCustomEdit is the base class from which all FireMonkey edit boxes and memo controls are derived.
TCustomEditBoxBase class for all edit boxes that manipulate only numerical values.
TDropDownEditButtonButton used to display the drop-down list associated with the edit control.
TEditGeneral-purpose FireMonkey edit box.
TEditButtonButton used for customising or making your own glyph button.
TEllipsesEditButtonButton used when the user needs to provide more information regarding the command.
TNumberBoxUse the TNumberBox class when you need a box that allows typing only numbers.
TNumValueTypeHelperFor internal use. TNumValueTypeHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Edit.TNumValueType type.
TPasswordEditButtonButton used to switch the password display mode in a TEdit control.
TSearchBoxA search edit control.
TSearchEditButtonButton used to search specific text or object with a linked search program.
TSelectionModeHelperFor internal use. TSelectionModeHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Edit.TSelectionMode type.
TSelectionPointTypeHelperFor internal use. TSelectionPointTypeHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Edit.TSelectionPointType type.
TSpinBoxTSpinBox is a special edit box equipped with buttons to increment or decrement the display value.


TryTextToValueConverts the text to a numeric value and returns if the operation was successful.


TNumValueTypeData type used by the edit boxes that can display only numerical values, such as TNumberBox.