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Object Pascal

TControlActionLink = class(FMX.ActnList.TActionLink)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TControlActionLink : public Fmx::Actnlist::TActionLink


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Controls FMX.Controls


Links an action object to a client (generic control).

TControlActionLink is designed to link actions to clients (generic controls) that descend from TControl.

TControlActionLink inherits his behavior from TBasicActionLink.

TControlActionLink keeps the linked client in the Client property and the linked action in the Action property.

TControlActionLink defines methods supporting the linking of the action's properties and events with properties and events of the control (client). The TControlActionLink methods determine whether the action controls values of properties of the client's control, and sets values to such properties of the control. Most properties and events of the action and client have the same names: Caption, Enabled, Hint, Visible.

Use TControlActionLink as a base class when creating an action link class that targets a more specific client type.

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