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Defines classes that implement DataSnap server methods, various columns, DataSnap life cycle functionality, metadata methods and parameter columns, and more.


TDSAdminMethodsServer methods that can be called in DSAdmin.
TDSCacheColumnsCurrently unused.
TDSClassColumnsColumns used by the TDSClassEntity collection.
TDSConnectionColumnsColumns used by TDSConnectionEntity collection.
TDSLifeCycleProperty values used by TDSCustomServerClass.LifeCycle property.
TDSMetadataMethodsMethod names used in the DSMetadata server class.
TDSMethodColumnsColumns used by the TDSMethodEntity collection.
TDSMethodParametersColumnsColumns used by the TDSMethodParametersEntity collection.
TDSPackageColumnsColumns used by the TDSPackageEntity collection.