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The DataSnap technology continues to evolve, as the demands for distributed computing increase. The technology behind DataSnap has moved beyond the approach of remoting data through the Microsoft COM/DCOM to a more open communication approach based on RESTful services. This evolution has allowed the DataSnap technology to expand its capabilities in order to include a complete middleware technology. One of the key features of the technology is that it is fast: fast to build, fast to deploy, and fast to execute in production.

DataSnap now has expanded capabilities, allowing the technology to work within almost any standards-based infrastructure. While the latest DataSnap is still backwards-compatible with the COM/DCOM approach, it now has the ability to communicate natively through HTTP or HTTPS.

There are no additional charges to USE or DEPLOY the DataSnap technology.

High-Level Overview of DataSnap


DataSnap Proxy Code Example

The Object Pascal code example DSProxyGenerator_(Object Pascal) demonstrates how to generate a DataSnap client proxy at run time.


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