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Object Pascal

TCalendarEdit = class (TCustomCalendarEdit)


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public FMX.DateTimeCtrls.pas FMX.DateTimeCtrls FMX.DateTimeCtrls


Represents a single-line editable text box containing a date specified by a drop-down TCalendar control.

TCalendarEdit is a single-line editable text box that can be edited as text and displays a drop-down TCalendar control when the drop-down arrow, situated on the left side of the control, is clicked.

Use the Date, Text, or Calendar property to modify the date that is shown in the text box of the control. Modifying one of these three properties will result in updating the other two, because all the three properties represent the same date.

For iOS applications, the TCalendarEdit component wraps a calendar component or native date picker for the iOS target platform. For more information, see Mobile Tutorial: Using a Calendar Component to Pick a Date (iOS and Android).

Note: The TCalendar control supports dates between December 30, 1899 and December 31, 9999.

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Unlike TCalendarBox, TCalendarEdit supports text insertion in the text box of the control. The text that is inserted is converted into a date format. If the conversion is not possible, the date will be modified to December 30, 1899.

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